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Keep the grills going!! Beef bundles are hot!!
Keep the grills going!! Beef bundles are hot!!

My Amigos Imports - Three Hole Cheese Mold-Home Decor #2-Waxed

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OVERSTOCKED on these home decor option cheese molds until we sell out. We call these cheese molds, the home decor option. What does that mean? It means that we cannot guarantee them to be candle pour ready, ie, pin holes, etc.. But that does not mean that you won't get lucky and are able to pour candles. We just do a quick check on them. These are less expensive cheese mold. These are perfect for any room in the home. Pinholes and knots are common with these home decor bowls. They are great for decorating or for artwork. Keep in mind that these are handmade, rustic, one of a kind and size will vary slightly. These Cheese molds measure about 17 inches wide, about 5 inches long and about 2 inches deep. These cheese molds measure 17W x 5L x 2H inches. There may be some slight variations in the size. Not treated with fire retardant or guaranteed candle ready.