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Keep the grills going!! Beef bundles are hot!!
Keep the grills going!! Beef bundles are hot!!

Maplewood Smoked Country Bacon

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This item is USDA-approved shelf-stable, good out of refrigeration for up to 7 days. Item needs to be placed in FREEZER upon arrival for longest shelf life of up to one year. If stored in the fridge, item is only good for up to three months in the refrigerator. Our Maplewood Smoked Country Bacon gives off an incredible flavor that will leave you wanting to cook up some more! It goes great alongside cheesy eggs, added to a hearty sandwich, or even topped over a salad. Our premium bacon slabs are hand-selected, cured with the highest quality blend of just three ingredients, then slowly smoked over real Maple wood chips. We don’t add any water during our curing process, so our bacon won’t shrink when cooked like other brands you may have tried. The end result is thick-cut bacon that packs the perfect amount of flavor in each bite and is sure to WOW your taste buds!