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How about those CHIEEFFSS?? Check out our Chiefs Bundles!
Go Chiefs!! Check out our Chiefs Bundles!

Tri-Tip Steak

Original price $31.50 - Original price $59.00
Original price
$31.50 - $59.00
Current price $40.00

A juicy, tender and versatile cut from the bottom of the sirloin, this roast offers rich beef flavor.  Easily recognized by its triangular shape, it is a cut built for grilling, keeping it at medium rare to medium.

The weights for sizes are as follows: 

  • MEDIUM  1.50-2.0 LBS
  • LARGE      2.10-2.5 LBS
  • GRAND    2.51-3.0 LBS
  • KING        3.10-3.75 LBS


Photo Credit:
Katie Currid