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Dr. Temple Grandin - The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

Dr. Temple Grandin - The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

If you haven't heard of Temple Grandin or her work, take the time to enlighten yourself and share with your children and grandchildren!  We admonish you to research this fascinating woman and leader in animal handling and autism.  

Mary Temple Grandin is an American academic and animal behaviorist. She is a prominent proponent for the humane treatment of livestock for slaughter and the author of more than 60 scientific papers on animal behavior. Grandin is a consultant to the livestock industry, where she offers advice on animal behavior, and is also an autism spokesperson.

So much can be said about Temple Grandin but as a cattle producer, we have modeled our cattle facilities after her theory of low stress treatment.  It is our belief that good nutrition, clean water and a low stress environment makes for happy cows!  Tim has always said "We chose them, they didn't choose us."  We are passionate about their care and will continue to do our best for them. 

With March being Women's History Month, we celebrate the Dr. Temple Grandin.  


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