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A Farm To Table Dinner Collaboration - Go To Events!
A Farm To Table Dinner Collaboration - Go To Events!


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The wok, like the cast iron skillet, is an iconic cooking tool for millions of people across a diverse array of cuisines around the world. The Smithey wok seeks to honor this legacy, with a stunning hammered form optimized for the modern home cook. The flat bottom ensures stability and surface contact across a range of heat sources, from gas to induction to electric. Utilizing lighter weight carbon steel, this pre-seasoned wok weighs around 3 lbs. and is designed for high heat cooking and lots of movement. Crafted by artisan blacksmiths in Charleston, SC, and guaranteed for life, we think you’ll fall in love with this one. Use it well.


Completely polished interior 

Domed lid (custom fit on the No. 12 Skillet)

Lid channels to retain & recirculate moisture

Stainless steel knob

Made in the USA

Dimensions & Specs

Diameter (top): ~12.6”

Total Depth: ~7.5”

Cooking Depth: ~3.4”

Flat Cooking Surface: ~5"

Handle to Handle: ~23”

Weight: +/- 3.4 lbs