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Get Dad The Father’s Day Grillin’ Bundle!!
Get Dad The Father’s Day Grillin’ Bundle!!

Porterhouse Steak

Original price $69.99 - Original price $85.00
Original price
$69.99 - $85.00
Current price $69.99

This 1-1/5" thick Porterhouse is one of the most popular grilling steaks in the world, and is essentially a large T-bone. It is the larger Tenderloin portion that differentiates it from the T-bone.  A Porterhouse can always be a T-bone, but a T-bone can never be a Porterhouse!

The difference with the Porterhouse is that the Tenderloin part needs to meet specific criteria to earn the name, the Tenderloin must measure at least 1.25” at its thickest part, that’s width, not depth.

  • GRAND     1.51-2.0 LB
  • KING         2.10 +