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Blue Sage Honey Co. - 100% Virgin Clover Honey Creamy Honey Smooth & Spreadable

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This is a VERY special honey collected from a unique wild clover flower with a light nectar both in color & taste. The fine crystals of this nectar make a naturally smooth Honey with a buttery texture like a spun or whipped honey only naturally occurring without processing or overheating the honey. Never heated above 95°, the natural temperature of a beehive, this is a very natural and in-tact honey. Tasting notes: Vanilla Butter Sunshine  This honey is about as natural and in-tact as honey can be, it maintains all the pollens, propolis, minerals, enzymes and beneficial bacteria naturally occurring, which honey has become beloved for. It is quite decadent and very popular! It has a light taste and perfect sweetness to compliment any dish. This is the same honey we use for our Infused Honeys, and is very a special honey! People often say this is the best tasting honey they have ever had!! No lie!!


"Happened by the Mercantile on a day trip from KC. Had the BEST VISIT with Mary. Loved hearing the history and care of their cattle- our future steaks. We bought a 2 lb bone in rib-eye. Such a cool store- bacon jam, sauces, preserves, fresh & darling shirts for the whole family. And we bought a "B is for Buckaroo" book for our lil buckeroo grandson. Definitely worth the stop! Highlight of our day. Thanks Mary & Green Grass Cattle Co crew! We will be back!"